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​Life’s pretty straight without Lake Doctor!

​Life’s pretty straight without Lake Doctor!

7th Jun 2023

We love iconic things here at Zonte’s Footstep (can’t you tell from our labels?) so we love that Gavin from @AnotherFoodBlogger created a recipe with cheese flavoured Twisties which he matched to our Lake Doctor Shiraz!

We were dying to taste them so we decided to cook it ourselves. Here’s our tips on getting this recipe right.

First thing is about measuring ingredients. If you don’t have kitchen scales, don’t stress too much. We found that 150g zucchini was 1 whole zucchini, and 50g was half a carrot, 500g pumpkin was roughly ¼ of a Kent pumpkin with 50g butter being a generous knob.

The sweet pumpkin puree was delicious with the rissoles and curiously was the same colour as Twisties. Actually, we were a bit sad that the puree didn’t taste of Twisties too so we added a pile of these cheeky cheese-flavoured snacks to our plates and enjoyed what they added in terms of crunchy texture. Maybe you could even add some chopped up Twisties to the pumpkin puree.

Things didn’t go so well for us in the frypan as it did for Gavin. Our rissoles fell apart when we tried to turn them over. Maybe we crowded the pan a bit too much? Or maybe we were a bit rambunctious with our flip? Anyway, next time we will use this age-old trick: when mixing all the rissole ingredients together, pick up handfuls of the mince and “throw” it down into the bowl. Do this a few times and it will really help it bind. [Don’t do it more than a few times or the rissoles will be too firm.]

Serve it all up on a platter for a relaxed shared lunch – we added some cherry tomatoes and rocket dressed simply with raspberry vinegar to make it an even healthier meal.

Devour it with a glass of Lake Doctor because this recipe was a breeze!

(Why? Because the Lake Doctor is named for the breeze that blows over Lake Alexandrina in Langhorne Creek where the grapes for this excellent award winning Shiraz were grown).

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