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"Deliciously refreshing wine, great staff and wine in a can! What more could you want?"
Valued Zonte's Customer | 2018


Zonte’s Footstep is a proudly independent Australian wine producer established in 2003. We take our vineyards and our wine, but not ourselves, too seriously.
Our grapes are sourced from our own, as well as our mates’ vineyards, from regions that produce the desired expressive, varietal characteristics of the grapes grounded by the soil they are planted in. Located in the McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek, Adelaide Hills, the Barossa and further afield.
Hence the simple, but diligent pursuit of producing wines that reflect a sense of place, style and purpose.

We have always aimed to bottle wines with personality and expression… that’s why we gave them names and a face of their own!

What is in a name? 
On 15 August 2003 Zonte’s Footstep vintaged its first wines and, as we all do in the wine industry, we looked to history - and because we can, prehistory, to come up with a name.
In 1893 a vineyard was planted with Zante currant to produce table grapes for the growing population of Adelaide. In the 1920s the vineyard was replanted with wine producing varieties of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon which were eventually used to make our first wine. As a tribute to the journey of the grapes in the vineyard (and because you aren't legally allowed to mention a grape variety unless it's contained in the wine) it was decided to change the “A” to an “O” – ZONTE’S – sufficiently similar.
A group of know-it-all industry mates in 1999 gathered together, purchased the vineyard and undertook to plant Viognier, Sangiovese and other new and exciting grape varieties to experiment with. Whilst replanting the vineyard, some large boulders with footprints were discovered from the largest known marsupial to have ever lived: the Diprotodon. It was this unique fossilised FOOTSTEP that cemented our name and the journey that we started and continue on today...
...and so ZONTE’S FOOTSTEP was born.
Original Label
Our Goal
Authentic Wines – quality markers, enabling us to educate about drinking wine as a sensory experience. Share our love of wine and the land.
Growing Communities – giving back to those around us.
Enhancing lifestyles – enable people to enjoy wine as much as we do without feeling intimidated – make wine part of lifestyle.
Leading with our own footsteps – being innovative, doing things the way we want (not because someone else does it). Help people discover and learn about wine.
… to lead the way for premium wine to be approachable – proudly pushing boundaries of the conventional – authentic wines for our lifestyle and communities.
Defining Us
Zonte/zhon-tee -tey, zon-/ noun 
A passionate person who mostly moves on instinct. Full of passion and intuition, Zonte is a real electric current, needing to vibrate on a daily basis and avoid lukewarm. Voluntary, purposeful and effective, we are always leading with a good sense of appropriateness and banter.
Who is Zonte’s? A cheeky character focused on:
Learning mainly about wine;
Authenticity, what you get in the bottle is dependable every time;
Zonte’s is Free-spirited and does things a little differently;
and, of course, enjoying life while having Fun!
…in this life, we want to LAFF a lot!
Footstep/ Foo t-step/ noun.
The distance covered by a step when walking.

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