Our grapes are sourced from our own, as well as our mates’ vineyards,
from regions that produce expressive, varietal/regional characteristics of the grapes being grown.


Located in the McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek, Finniss River, Adelaide Hills, the Barossa regions.


We have always aimed to produce wines with personality and expression… that’s why we gave them names.
Now these wines have evolved to have a face of their own!


Our simplistic and diligent pursuit of producing wines that reflect a sense of place, style and purpose.

It’s wine o’clock somewhere


We have always aimed to produce wines with personality…
that’s why they have their own names.
Now these wines have evolved to have a face and life of their own!

Regions of Shiraz

The age old question we are often posed with is;
Which region produces South Australia’s favourite Shiraz?
Well we decided to sit on the fence, giving you an expression of some of our favourite regions and let you decide.


These wines with food, unite and ignite into new flavour sensations.
We believe wine is an integral part of daily life to be enjoyed with food, family and friends.
Whether you are in Spain, Italy, Portugal…or even Australia as a matter of fact.
To prove it, we bottle our own versions, all worthy of their trendy names.
Cin Cin!

Sense of Place

The French have a term “Terroir” we like to think of it as “a sense of place”.
The dirt that we grow our grape varieties in: the aspect to the sun, the elevation, the temperature
and even the companion planting all play part in the flavour and aroma development.
For us, expressing the culmination of all these contributing factors
which creates our expressive wines, giving them their individual personality.

Limited Release

Limited either by vineyard or volume, these wines have an extra special wow factor.


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