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Love Symbol




For too long Grenache has been a backup performer in GSM. It is time now for our beloved Love Symbol to shine as a solo-artist. Love Symbol’s “autograph” is its soft-yet-juicy tannins and taut acidity that fill the mouth making you yearn for another performance. A wine of stature, elegance and poise… our Love Symbol will make you fall in love. We promise.


Deliciously medium-bodied, with a kaleidoscope of flavors from  Red Cherries  through to bright  Damson Plums  and subtle spice. On the nose, these flavors are reinforced and accented by perfumed  Black Tea Tannins  and only a cheeky hint of oak.


  “For the love of wine, open the bottle” – Anon

Red Cherries | Damson Plums | Black Tea Tannins

"For the love of wine, open the bottle" - Anon

Try a tasting with Zonte's Footstep's Vigneron, Brad Rey

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