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Lake Doctor





Named after the house-cooling breeze of our ‘Lake Doctor’. These winds arrive from the Great Southern Ocean direct from Antarctica, reviving our vines and vignerons alike in the peak of summer heat.


Drink with anything off the grill (preferably charcoal that is), and especially a second glass. Not just about the fruit, it’s earthy too and what we have always loved about Langhorne Creek is they produce cracker wines – consistently!


The result is a fabulously stylish Shiraz, one which offers Five Spice , juicy Plum Pudding flavour with rolling soft, fine-grained Cedar tannin .

Five Spice | Plum Pudding | Cedar Tannin

"Tonight's forecast... 99% chance of wine" - Anon

Try a tasting with Zonte's Footstep's Vigneron, Brad Rey

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