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Bolle Felici




Bolle Felici is deliciously fresh and zingy. It’s the sun, it’s your friends, it’s your land of milk and honey. A chic drink with a light fizz. Bring it to life with a platter of sweet melon wrapped in wafer-thin prosciutto.


This wine is cheerful, effervescent in style with delicate aromas of crunchy  Green Apples Limes  and pretty  Pears .


Green Apples |   Limes | Pears

Escape to your happy place When summer-time comes Sipping Bolle Felici Now that winter is done The gardens are blooming Bees buzz and flowers grow It's a wonderful feeling With a bottle of Prosecco When friends get together Leaving troubles behind Sharing Bolle Felici ‘Happy Bubbles’ of wine.

Try a tasting with Zonte's Footstep's Vigneron, Brad Rey

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