Zonte’s – A White Ribbon Accredited Workplace

Zontes footstep is proudly White Ribbon Accredited

Zonte’s – A White Ribbon Accredited Workplace

White Ribbon Australia is an organisation that we at Zonte’s Footstep hold very dear to our hearts.

In 2015, we experienced the impacts of Domestic Violence in our workplace. Since then we decided to pull out all the stops to create a workplace that promotes the awareness of domestic abuse, its impact in someone’s life and its numerous manifestations.


In November of 2018 we were thrilled to find out that after 18 months of working through the Workplace Accreditation Program we had achieved Accreditation, the first winery in Australia to do so.


As part of our ongoing commitment, we celebrated White Ribbon week in November by donating $5 from every bottle sold to White Ribbon raising a total of just under $1,500.


As an organisation that creates alcoholic products, we are particularly conscious of the importance in promoting safe consumption. We also understand the impact that alcohol can have in magnifying controlling behaviours in these relationships.  It is our duty to not only promote White Ribbon in our workplace, but in our community and industry.


This year however we won’t be slowing down in our support for this great cause. From the 28th – 31st of March we will be participating in White Ribbons ‘Cheese for Change’.  This is a fun way for friends, families and workplaces to support the White Ribbon cause.

Stay tuned for more information regarding our participation in the event.