White Ribbon

Proudly working towards becoming a White Ribbon Accredited workplace

White Ribbon

Our Story

Through 2015 we experienced the impacts of Domestic Violence on a team member. We saw the important role that a workplace play’s in the ability of someone to remove themselves from long term domestic abuse. Since then, we sought to make changes within the business and for the community in whatever way we can. We want to improve awareness and also to ensure the structure of our business supports change.


The White Ribbon Accreditation Program

White Ribbon Australia’s Workplace Accreditation Program is a world first accreditation program. It provides businesses with the tools to be able to respond to incidents of violence. Regardless of if it occurs inside or outside the workplace. It also helps the business work towards preventing this violence from having occurred in the first instance.

The vision of White Ribbon is for all women to live safely, free from violence and abuse. Its goal is to make women’s safety issues a man’s issue too.   White Ribbon look at key social issues affecting workplaces, including equality and empowerment in Australia.

Even as a small team, we see our role as important in bringing awareness to the issue of Harassment, Violence and Abuse. We believe that workplaces can make a difference in stopping violence against women.

On average, one women is killed every week as a result of intimate partner violence.  One in three women also experience physical and/or sexual violence carried out by someone they know.


Together let’s Change the Story! 

On Sunday we finished our 18month Workplace Accreditation Program and submitted our work to White Ribbon Australia for review.

*Although we understand that there are situations where men are affected by violence and abuse, the statistics are strongly skewed towards violence against women.  We would also like to clearly articulate that the majority of men are respectful and loving.  However, all violence is wrong, regardless of the sex of the victim or perpetrator *