2015 Violet Beauregard | Malbec
Langhorne Creek


…Don’t say we didn’t warn you Violet Beauregard!

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If it looks like a blueberry, smells like a blueberry and tastes like a blueberry pie then VIOLET BEAUREGARD you are. Best drunk without Veruca Salt or Augustus Gloop. On the vine our perfectly round, plump and violet-purple Zonte’s Footsteps Malbec looks like blueberries, when you crush, ferment and pour then into a glass it smells like blueberries, and in the mouth our Malbec tastes like blueberry pie. Don’t say we didn’t warn you Violet Beauregard!

Wine Analysis

Wine Specs

Region :Langhorne Creek
Varietal :Malbec
Vintage :2015
Food Pairing :Beef, Lamb

Bottle Specs

Bottle Size :750ml
Retail Price :$25.00
Bottles in Case :12

Technical Specs

Alcohol % :14.1
Bottling Date :
Aging :12 Months
Sugar :3.8 g/L
Acid :6.39 g/L
PH :3.62
Ingredients :Grapes and sulphur dioxide.

Other ingredients used in the winemaking process:
- Cultivated yeast.
- Yeast nutrients.
At the time of bottling, this wine contained:
- 83 ppm Total SO2
- 36 ppm Free SO2
Oak :French & American (new and seasoned)
2015 Violet Beauregard Tasting Note
Customer Reviews
Awards & Accolades

Double Gold Medal

China Wine & Spirits Awards Best Value 2017


Gold Medal/93 points

Sommelier Challenge 2016


Gold Medal/91 points

Winemaker Challenge 2016


Gold Medal/90 points

Tastings.com, New Release Wines 2016 (published 18/12/16)


91 points

Wine Front International Review
A Langhorne Creek red worth tracking down. Very good release. Characterful and flavoursome at once. Ferrous, leathery, jubey, mint-infused and generally awash with ripe fruit flavour. Dusty tannin curls through the finish, but the fruit keeps powering on. Fruit driven all the way.


Gold/90 Points

Tastings.com 2016


Gold Medal

Winemakers Challenge 2017

2015 Violet Beauregard Award Sheet