NV Bolle Felici Prosecco – Cans


Your favourite Prosecco now comes in a can!


We are super excited to be launching in 2017 our new and exciting BOLLE FELICI [Happy Bubbles] in a CAN!

At this point we receive one of two responses:

1. “Best idea ever” … I KNOW RIGHT
2. “Why on earth would we do that?” … SPOIL SPORTS 

So for the nay-sayers… read on HERE why we decided to put Prosecco in a CAN.

The perfect size to enjoy some happy bubbles either solo or sharing with a friend – one can is just over 2 standard glasses.

The portable can is great for enjoying in various settings… down the beach, at a picnic, a BBQ, or simply on your deck watching the sun go down.

Available to purchase as a four-pack (minimum) or carton (12 cans).

Wine Analysis

Wine Specs

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Bottle Specs

Can Size :330 ml
Retail Price :$8.50

Technical Specs

Alcohol % :11.0%
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