Adelaide Hills


Grapefruit Zest | Lemon Curd | Gooseberry “… the wine of kings, the king of wines” – Guy de Maupassant

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Our ‘shining sword rising from the water’ moment wasn’t quite of Arthurian legend, but by a misty dam early one morning. The first rapier-like cut of this Sauvignon Blanc inspired our Excalibur. Perfect for sitting down with a well-chilled glass on a balmy summer’s eve, accompanying a plate of any fresh crustacean known to man.


Excalibur will surely impress with its white Grapefruit Zest, Lemon Curd notes and delicate citrus blossom aromas, with tart Gooseberry and mineral-like acidity. It is the perfect accomplice to just such occasions.

Wine Analysis

Wine Specs

Region :Adelaide Hills
Varietal :Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage :2018
Food Pairing :Chicken, Fish, Shellfish & Seafood

Bottle Specs

Bottle Size :750ml
Retail Price :$22.00
Bottles in Case :12

Technical Specs

Alcohol % :13.5
Bottling Date :12 July, 2018
Aging :n/a
Sugar :1.6 g/L
Acid :6.34 g/L
PH :3.22
Oak :n/a
Harvest Date :6th March 2018
Ingredients :Grapes and Sulphur dioxide

- Cultivated yeast.
- Yeast nutrients.
At the time of bottling, this wine contained:
- 97 ppm Total SO2
- 29 ppm Free SO2
Tasting Notes
Customer Reviews
Awards & Accolades
95 Points/Platinum Sommelier Challenge 2018

Gold Medal CWSA Best Value

Gold Medal San Diego International Wine and Spirits Competition

Silver Medal 2018 Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards

Silver Medal 2018 World Wine Championships – Tastings.com     89 Points / Highly Recommended Tastings.com 23/05/2018   ”Brilliant straw green color. Interesting aromas and flavors of fresh nougat and meringue, poached pear, grapefruit and yellow pepper skins, and herbed peas with a supple, bright, dryish light-to-medium body and a smooth, snappy green apple, Meyer lemon and cucumber relish, gherkin and artichoke, and hint of green pepper finish with no oak. A nice dry, soft and savory sauvignon blanc for carefree sipping or the table.”

Silver Medal AWC Vienna 2018   Silver Medal tastings.com World Value Wine Challenge 2018

Silver Medal 2019 Winemakers Challenge