Adelaide Hills


Sarsaparilla Root | Cinnamon | Red Cherries

“After getting up at dawn o’clock I’m looking forward to wine o’clock tonight” – Anon

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As a surfer goes in search of the perfect wave as the sun rises over the ocean, in our Adelaide Hills vineyard our Dawn Patrol heads out to select whole bunches of the perfect Pinot Noir. This wine provides the epic ride we were waiting for!


We believe the crack of dawn is the perfect timing to capture the flavours we desire in this expressive variety. Sarsaparilla Root, Cinnamon and Red Cherries. Seasoned in French oak barriques and bottled without fining so that the true texture of the vineyard shines through.


Wine Analysis

Wine Specs

Region :Adelaide Hills
Varietal :Pinot Nior
Vintage :2017
Food Pairing :Cheese, Chicken, Duck

Bottle Specs

Bottle Size :750ml
Retail Price :$35.00
Bottles in Case :6

Technical Specs

Alcohol % :13
Bottling Date :12th July, 2018
Aging :7 Months
Sugar :1.6 g/L
Acid :6.74 g/L
PH :3.17
Oak :French Oak Hogshead
Harvest Date :12 April 2017
Ingredients :Grapes and Sulphur dioxide.

Other ingredients used in the winemaking process:
- Cultivated yeast.
- Yeast nutrients.
At the time of bottling, this wine contained:
- 112 ppm Total SO2
- 37 ppm Free SO2
Tasting Notes
Customer Reviews
Awards & Accolades
Gold Medal2018 Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards

Gold Medal 2018 World Wine Championships – Tastings.com

Silver Medal 2018 World Wine Championships – Tastings.com
93 Points Tastings.com World Wine Championships 2018 “Dusty ruby colour. Herbal aromas and flavours of alpine menthol mint, spicy blueberry chutney, and sarsaparilla with a silky, bright, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, complex, medium- long finish imparting notes of honey roasted beets and nuts and chai. A complex and herbal pinot noir with enticing strokes of flavour nuances in a balanced approachable frame.”
Silver Medal Critics Challenge 2018
Silver Medal AWC Vienna 2018
Silver Medal Winemakers Challenge 2019
Silver Medal San Diego International Wine and Spirits Competition
2017 Dawn Patrol