John’s Story

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John’s Story

We absolutely love hearing from people about their experience with our wines. Over the Christmas break, a new favourite landed in our inbox.

Thanks for sharing John! We’re so glad you sent this through to us and are happy for us to share … with the caveat “Don’t try this at home! I reckon I was particularly lucky and I don’t want any of your good stuff being wasted!”

“Dear Zonte’s

Just before Christmas, I was carrying a bottle of Lake Doctor in a bottle bag to a friends place as a gift. Having just climbed a full flight of stairs, the bag broke and the Zonte’s fled to the concrete bottom floor. It then fell the full flight of stairs, neck first to the lower landing. Slid across it and slammed into the security door of the lower apartment. With the noise, doors opened all around, but the Zonte’s was OK but for a small puncture in its seal. I stood at the top of the stairs waiting for the bottle to smash and very relieved when it did not.

We enjoyed the wine that night.

Thanks for using premium bottles for your premium wine.”