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The Wonder of Tannins

The Wonder of Tannins

5th May 2022

The Wonders of Tannins!

This Wanderers’ Pack explores two red varieties, both known for their hallmark tannins. Tannins are the serious business of red wine – it’s what gives “structure” to the palate and creates that “cat’s tongue” drying sensation in the mouth.

Let’s start with Cabernet Sauvignon

Hailing originally from France in the 17th century, it’s the love child of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, and the backbone of wines from Bordeaux. Now planted all over the world, it’s the King of red varieties. The tannins can be astringent in their youth but soften as they age. In Australia, we make our own unique expression of Cabernet Sauvignon which has riper fruit thanks to our glorious sunshine, making the wines enjoyable even when young. In this pack, you can see the way the fine-grained Cabernet Sauvignon tannins soften with age by going back from the 2021 1st Off the Rank, to 2018 Blackberry Patch and from our museum stock, 2015 Avalon Tree.

Now to Tempranillo.

Pronounced “temp-ra-nee-yo”, it originated in Spain and is the key variety in the big tannic reds of Rioja. Often blended with some Grenache for juiciness, Rioja wines are loaded with oak. Our Zonte’s Footstep expressions are quite the opposite, with minimal to light oak so the tannin is all from the fruit. In this pack, try our 2021 Splitting Hares which is inspired by the Rioja harmony of blending Tempranillo with Grenache. Taste the exact point of balance of Splitting Hares, contrasted by 2020 Madrugador Tempranillo and 2021 Love Symbol Grenache.

This installation of The Wanderers includes: 

Introducing: 1st Off the Rank Cabernet Sauvignon, McLaren Vale 2021 
Lovely balance of ripe McLaren Vale fruit balanced by firm Cabernet tannins. Hallmark flavours of rich plum and blackcurrant flavours swerve into savoury liquorice and cedar notes, followed by a friendly toot of thyme.

Blackberry Patch Cabernet Sauvignon, Fleurieu 2018 
Exuberant cassis, dark plum and obvious blackberry fruits align with enveloping, linear-yet-generous cigar box tannins. Showing vibrant blackcurrant, youthful fruit flavours and taught tannins.

From the MuseumAvalon Tree Cabernet Sauvignon, Fleurieu 2015 
When first released it was a velvety and full of mouth filling dark fruit, especially blackberries and blackcurrants supported by toasty oak tempered with chewy, typical Cabernet tannin. Now displaying developed lozenge and pastille fruit characters, cedary oak and complementary patina with soft, malleable tannins.

New: Splitting Hares Tempranillo Grenache, Fleurieu 2021
A cheeky mezcla of blueberry, plum and red cherry flavours, followed by secondary notes of dried cranberry, pomegranate molasses and earthy wet gravel, and finishing with delicious dark cocoa tannins. Salud!

Organic: Madrugador Organic Tempranillo, Fleurieu 2020
This rendition delivers rich plum, bramble, fig, and red berries in a dynamite contrast of flavours complimented by signature cedar-like tannins. Made from certified organic grapes.

Love Symbol Grenache, McLaren Vale 2021
Deliciously juicy, medium-bodied, with a kaleidoscope of flavours from red cherries through to bright damson plums and subtle baking spice with a cheeky hint of oak. 

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