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Bo's wine of the week - Splitting Hares Tempranillo Grenache

Bo's wine of the week - Splitting Hares Tempranillo Grenache

17th Apr 2022

It's that time of the week again...Bo's wine of the week!

Bo is celebrating Easter this week with our brand new Spitting Hares Tempranillo Grenache! 

Making this wine came down to splitting hairs as we tweaked the blend in tiny 1% increments until the perfect balance was achieved. This is the exact point at which the juicy, fragrant Grenache just tames the savoury chewiness of the Tempranillo.

The result is a cheeky mezcla of red and blue fruit: raspberry, blueberry, plum and red cherry flavours with floral whirls of jasmine and lavender followed by secondary notes of pomegranate molasses, crushed gravel, and delicious dry Dutch-cocoa tannins. An enticing red wine as light-bodied as the leap of a spring hare (or two). Guaranteed to disappear before your very eyes!!

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