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Bo's wine of the week - 2021 Shades of Gris

Bo's wine of the week - 2021 Shades of Gris

9th Jan 2022

It's that time of the week again...Bo's wine of the week!

This week's wine is our NEW VINTAGE 2021 Shades of Gris Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio

Drama; the tale of two styles; Gris or Grigio. As Muse and Melpomene represented the struggle between comedy and tragedy; Zonte’s have found the magical place between rich & sweet and clean & vibrant.

Delicate, dignified and delightful, our Nashi Pear Pinot Grigio also displays lovely Melon and White Peach blossom highlights with a crisp zingy finish. Downright delectable. The texture and acidity of this wine when combined with food, unite into a new flavour sensation.

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