Australian Women in Wine Award

Australian Women in Wine Award

OMG so honoured!  There are moments when you see something and you think, “heck yes we should go for it”. Then about 20 minutes later you get sucked into your workload and forget about it.

On this occasion, the team have been working so hard to achieve White Ribbon Accreditation. Something unique for a small Australian wine company. So when nominations were called for the Australian Women in Wine Awards [AWIWA], it was time to put our hat in the ring.

The Workplace Champion for Change Award was open to both businesses and individuals (male and female). It recognises those who have provided outstanding support and advocacy for women in the Australian wine industry.

White Ribbon Accreditation is a fantastic process highlighting key social issues affecting workplaces, including equality and empowerment in Australia.   Team Zonte’s, in particularly Lauren, has been working tirelessly and on the 30 September our application was lodged.  Accreditation involves engagement of leadership, reviewing policies, attending training, reviewing culture, fundraising and the list goes on.  Our team are crossing fingers and toes that we have done enough to be Accredited in mid-December this year.

Thank you to the AWIWA for selecting us as a finalist. Also thanks to The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society who conduct, with the assistance of an advisory board of industry leaders, the Awards.  The AWIWA works to celebrate and reward the work of women in the Australian wine community. It also includes community leaders who champion equality and fairness for all sexes in the workplace.