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Brad Rey
23 February 2016 | Wine Education | Brad Rey

Take a walk on the wild side... with alternative varieties

We LOVE everything Mediterranean*. We love the food, the weather, and most especially, we love the wine styles.

Less ballsy than Aussie Shiraz, very moreish, and a perfect food companion, Mediterranean varieties don't "belt you around the head" like other varieties can. We feel these varieties are ideal for sharing - food, family, and friends. The three most important F's in life.

Avalon Tree Cabernet (Tempranillo)

Cabernet and Tempranillo is your classic Spanish blend. Cabernet is often referred to as the "King of Grapes", a key grape variety with its most recognised roots being in Bordeaux; widely planted throughout Europe and the rest of the world. In Spain, Cabernet is tempered and tamed by Tempranillo; it is light, savoury, and gives the wine more structure and elegance - this is why we chose to add it to our Avalon Tree 2014 vintage onwards (and upwards!).

Tempranillo originates from the Rioja region in Spain, and is more commonly known as Tinta Roza in its native tongue. Primarily, you can taste plums and strawberries from this variety. Tempranillo means "early ripening" from the Spanish word temprano. When blended, we feel that this sexy variety adds a feminine touch to the masculine Cabernet; a bit like the perfect tango.

Canto Di Lago Sangiovese Barbera

Our choice to make this wine has always been about reflecting the signature "sense of place" of Italian red wines. Even if you're not an avid wine drinker, you'll smell and taste Italy in the glass.

Savoury, complemented by juicy berry fruit, Sangiovese is all about structure and those savoury tones. Sangiovese comes from the beautiful Tuscan region of Italy, which translates from the "blood of Jove" (Jesus) from Roman times. Barbera is all about aromatics and length on the palate. This variety originates from Piedmonte, a cool-climate region in northern Italy. Along with Nebbiolo, Barbera is often compared to Italy's answer to Pinot Noir.

With these two varieties, what one lacks, the other contributes. The perfect pairing in a blend.

If you love pizza, your pizza will love this. Remember the 3 P's: pizza, pasta, and proscuitto.

Violet Beauregard Malbec

Did you know that Australia has the oldest Malbec vines in the world? WE have always produced a Cabernet Malbec (a true Aussie blend) but denied in 2008 to express this wonderful grape varieties personality solo through our Violet Beauregard; to highlight its history, regionality, and point of difference. Some of our Langhorne Creek Malbec vines have been around since 1890’s!

Australia doesn't own Malbec, and contrary to popular belief, neither does Argentina. It's roots are from Cahors in south-west France, and is 1 of 5 noble varieties of Bordeaux. In Australia, it manifests itself as pure blue fruits, medium body, and juicy. It's our pick with local Aussie lamb or crispy skin duck.

For us, we strive for a pretty, aromatic, medium-bodied and feminine manifestation of Malbec as shown in our Langhorne Creek Violet Beauregard. 

… if it looks like a blueberry, smells like a blueberry and tastes like a blueberry pie then Violet Beauregard you are. Best drunk without Veruca Salt or Augustus Gloop.


*And when we say Mediterranean, we mean from the countries around the body of water: Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese grape varieties.


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