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We have many stories to share, so make sure you stay posted!


Brad Rey
20 February 2017 | Brad Rey

FIVE Double Gold Medals AND FOUR Gold Medals at the 2017 CWSA Best Value Competition


2015 Chocolate Factory Shiraz

2015 Canto di Lago Sangiovese Barbera Lagrein - SOON TO BE RELEASED

2015 Love Symbol Grenache - SOON TO BE RELEASED

2015 Avalon Tree Cabernet - SOON TO BE RELEASED

2015 Violet Beauregard Malbec - SOON TO BE RELEASED



2016 Scarlet Ladybird Rose 

2014 Z-Force Shiraz Petit Sirah - TO BE RELEASED EASTER WEEKEND

2015 Hills Are Alive Shiraz

2015 Baron Von Nemesis Shiraz

Brad Rey
14 February 2017 | Brad Rey

How Wine Can Tie Into Love

Brad (aka Crazy Canadian)

"My wife Fiona was never a wine drinker until she met me (funny that!). On the night we got engaged, we enjoyed two bottles of Ravenswood "Pickberry" Zinfandel, which even today were the most amazing bottles of wine we have consumed. I truly believe that the time, place and event plays just as much on the experience of an enjoyable bottle of wine, as the wine makes the experience."

Tess (aka Social Media Queen)

"I quite like to share a nice bottle of wine from my HUGE collection (that I can't seem to keep up with working at a winery) with that special someone, and enjoy it on a nice balmy night outside, with a nice meal to go with it (or chocolate!). Truth be told, wine has helped me with that little bit of Dutch courage to talk to a guy at times as well!"

Brad Rey
4 January 2017 | Brad Rey

Why We Decided To Put Prosecco in a Can

We are super excited to be launching in 2017 our new and exciting BOLLE FELICI [Happy Bubbles] in a CAN!

At this point we receive one of two responses:

1. "Best idea ever" ... I KNOW RIGHT 

2. "Why on earth would we do that?" ... SPOIL SPORTS 

So for the nay-sayers... in 2015 when we first launched Bolle Felici we undertook market research around bubbles and cider.  The responses included comments like, "bubbles is a celebration or summer drink", " "cider we are able to take to a BBQ or Event", or "cans are convenient".  At the time we began to look at cans for packaging, however it has only been recently that we have been comfortable with the aluminium alloy being used to maintain our quality standards while offering the key features we were looking for, that is:

1. Quality / Freshness - testing has indicated that wine won't reduce in quality in a can ... in fact there is no expiry date.  Being in a darkened container we potentially won't see any of the loss of freshnesses from UV either.

2. Convenience - as a 330mL container it will give you two standard pours (2.6 standard drinks) which means no more wasted bottles, perfect for that afternoon BBQ where you need to drive, or you just don't feel like a whole bottle.

3. Fun / Enjoyment - well what could be more fun than bubbles in a can

4. Free-spirited - we want to continue to push innovation and to be the first in our category in Australia we are looking forward to lots of ideas and excitement.

So thank you for your patience.  The perfect amount of bevvy for yourself or even to share with a mate, these cans are great to take down to the beach or enjoy at a BBQ, picnic or just at home.


Time Posted: 04/01/2017 at 11:41 AM
Brad Rey
3 January 2017 | Brad Rey

Happy Bubbles in a Can now available

The perfect size for enjoying on your own or with a friend (1 can = just over 2 standard glasses), and great for taking down in a four-pack to the beach or a BBQ.

Get your hot little hands on these beauties in our online store HERE.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on a Prosecco Launch Party at Fridays After Five very soon at The General Wine Bar & Kitchen.

Brad Rey
15 December 2016 | Brad Rey

Proudly presenting to you our NEW Prosecco in CANS!

Sign up to our mailing list to be the FIRST to know when we release our cans!

Time Posted: 15/12/2016 at 2:23 PM
Brad Rey
18 November 2016 | Brad Rey

What does it mean to be a MAN?

Support the cause and donate to Brad's Movember mo fund HERE.

What does it mean to be a man?

Who has been your best male role model?

Brad Rey
8 November 2016 | Brad Rey

THREE Gold Medals Awarded at the 2016 AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge

GOLD medals were awarded to our:

2014 Violet Beauregard Malbec

2014 Z-Force Shiraz Petit Sirah - soon to be released

2014 Chocolate Factory Shiraz

Brad Rey
2 November 2016 | Brad Rey

Doing Our Bit

This November (Movember), Brad aka Crazy Canadian will be growing a mo to help support men's mental health.

Why Movember?

It's startling that the Movember Foundation is the ONLY charity addressing mental health globally. Men are facing a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. They are dying too young, before their time. By 2030, the Movember Foundation aims to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. Its clear that this foundation is taking action, and they need our help. Find out more about this fantastic foundation and what they do HERE.

Do your bit

Brad is concerned that men don't speak up; he himself knows that men just don't talk enough about their feelings. Which is why he has chosen to take part in Movember by growing a mo to help support men's mental health and helping the Foundation reduce suicide rates.

Help the Crazy Canadian support this fantastic cause by donating to his mo fund HERE.

Stop men dying too young.

Brad Rey
10 October 2016 | Brad Rey

Cool New Merchandise in our Online Store


We have some really cool new merchandise including a stopper to keep your bubbles bubbly for longer, an iPhone case, new T Shirts, and more!

Check it all out in our online store.

Brad Rey
7 October 2016 | Brad Rey

SIX Gold Medals awarded on our wines at the 2016 Sommelier Challenge


2015 Violet Beauregard Malbec - soon to be released

2015 Chocolate Fatory Shiraz

2015 Lake Doctor Shiraz

2015 Baron Von Nemesis Shiraz - current release

2014 Z-Force Shiraz Petit Sirah

2016 Doctoressa di Lago Pinot Grigio - soon to be released


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